Ram-acrylic-1978Untitled (Ram), Lawrence Deen Golden, my big brother. Acrylic, 1978. My brother was immensely talented. Painter, photographer, guitarist, drummer. (I can claim three of those traits, but I’m still after the guitar thing. Help.) Our father subscribed to magazines of the outdoors, Arizona Highways, Field and Stream, Guns & Ammo. Larry would find photos he liked and paint from them. Understand, the photo was a reference, the painting was unique. I was away at college and stalking dreams in far away places when my brother died at 32. We were always at odds as young brothers. He’d put Mom’s foot-stool over my head and sit on it while he watched “Gilligan’s Island,” or “Dark Shadows.” Brutal. I hated him before I loved him. I miss you, Larry.