Katherine Stone, “Icarus III.” A fallen Ruby Crowned Kinglet, its wing feathers mirrored by the pages of an open book. This one touched my heart. A lifeless but miraculous creature to behold. I’m fond of these wee birds, the little wren, the titmouse, the finch, warbler, chickadee, sparrow and nuthatch. So tiny and delicate, but so quick and hearty. “Small Am I, But Fierce.” Notice how economically Stone has rendered the leaves of the book, drawing out the lights from her imprimatura—an initial layer applied to the ground, in this case a burnt umber scumble—drawing edges by dragging the handle of her brush through the wet paint. The book is suggested, while the bird is fully rendered, inviting our attention and creating depth of space and atmosphere.

Bethann Moran Handzlik, “Nature Morte: To Paint a Dead Bird”