Gathering-leftToday my dear friend, the other Gary Wayne, helped me rescue my data from a cantankerous hard drive… ornery cuss wasn’t giving up the goods without a fight. I have been scolded to begin showing some of my own efforts here instead of always featuring the work of others. Being cantankerous myself, I thought I’d throw a curveball with something unfinished. This is the left panel of a triptych entitled “Gathering” that I started 16 years ago, about the time my youngest was born (Happy Birthday!), but never finished. True triptychs are difficult; they aren’t simply a single continuous image divided into three frames. Each of the three must stand as it’s own independent composition, then the three together must do the same as a whole. The center is the main theme, and the wings are related sub-themes. I became engaged with the challenge of triptych compositions when I encountered the work of my main mentor at Wash U, Edward Boccia. He painted so many triptychs and polyptychs that the university held a retrospective of them. What do y’all think? Should I try to finish this thing?