Frederico “Rico” Lebrun, Italian American, “Rabbit,” ink and charcoal. My sophomore drawing professor, Barry Schactman, introduced me to Lebrun, his drawing, painting, sculpture, writing, and philosophy.

I can’t express the profound influence this man has had on me. Tell truth. The tremendous responsibility he lays at our feet as artists has often left me immobile. I see myself in this drawing. I’m not physically disabled, not yet, but we all face impediments in our lives. This figure may rely on crutches, but he is powering forward with strength, agility and purpose.

Rico was a brilliant essayist and poet. Please seek out and read his book, “Drawings.”
“The rock the belly the toad the hand, A webbed and pronged world appear, The eye can summon and disband, Through a crystal tear.”

I’ve reproduced part of it here…