Cat On a Hot Tin Roof2010. I stewed over this one, then hit on the idea of the planation colonnade serving as the prison bars of grief, anger and alcohol behind which Brick has locked himself. In the earlier days of my tenure with The Rep, we would work up the posters as the season unfolded. Later, we started producing fully illustrated season brochures well in advance, so I had much less time to mull over ideas. The pressure was on to produce the entire season’s posters in just a few weeks. Sometimes it was brutal, other times it all flowed like a river to the sea. This was one of the better ones… I could walk into the lobby, see all the posters hanging together next to the box office, and they looked like they belonged together. They worked as a group. That was gratifying.

The images of the woman standing for Maggie, the male hands gripping and the facade of the home, were licensed. Not cheap in those days. I had to extend the height of the colonnade to achieve the composition I needed. I also had to alter the perspective of the fists to match that of the facade, and paint lights and shadows to marry the three, to harmonize the color and contrast, and sync the light source(s). That’s key to a successful composite.


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